Who benefits from Millican's services

The application of information governance services provides multidisciplinary benefits across the enterprise...

» General Counsel

With Millican's Information Map and legal hold process, the General Counsel is always prepared for a 26(f) conference and protected under Rule 37's "safe harbor".

» Chief Information Officer

Our information retention rules can typically reduce the volume of stored information by more than 50%.

» Chief Compliance Officer

Our compliance data base along with retention/access rules assure that evidentiary information is being generated and available.

» Knowledge Manager

Our information map and communities of interest assure that information is accessible and shared across the enterprise for learning and process improvement.

» Line of Business Managers

Quality and efficiency are improved by elimination of old, inaccurate information.

» Records Manager

Through our information governance program, information lifecycle management can be achieved across the enterprise.

» SharePoint & GimmalSoft
» Email Records Management
» Capstone in Office 365
» ERM Framework
» eDiscovery
» SharePoint IG

» Gap Analysis/Roadmap
» Information Governance
   • Compliance Requirements
   • Information Inventory/Map
   • Information Retention Rules
   • Taxonomies
» Enabling Technology
» Legacy Cleanup/Conversion
» On-going Program Support

Sectors we serve
» Energy
» Pharmaceutical
» Financial Services
» Manufacturing
» Technology
» Federal
   • Executive
   • Legislative
   • Judicial
» State & Local Governments